Giovanni DeLuca


Giovanni DeLuca has worked with thin films and nanomaterials for over 5 years starting with liquid crystal Langmuir-Blodgett films with the University of West Florida's Physics department in collaboration with the University of West Florida's Chemistry department. He then moved into industry, working with Pall Corporation on polymer thin films. Since starting at Georgia Tech, he has worked with nanomaterials for various applications. Gio received Bachelors degrees from the University of West Florida in Physics and Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics. Gio is currently a PhD candidate with the School of Chemistry and he will also graduate with a doctoral minor in Materials Science and Engineering and a graduate certificate in Public Policy. Gio is especially interested in environmental and energy policy and plans to get involved with policymaking. Outside of school his hobbies include various forms of physical activities. Over the last 10 years, Gio has participated in powerlifting, bodybuilding, Crossfit, yoga, swimming, biking, running, and Olympic lifting.

His current research interests focus on the:

  • Optimization of the electron transport and blocking layers in a photovoltaic cell
  • Fabrication of a lead-free perovskite photovoltaic cell
  • Fabrication of a flexible, integrated photovoltaic/supercapacitor device
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