Guoyan Zhang


Guoyan Zhang is a native of China and joined the Reichmanis group in Georgia Institute of Technology as a postdoctoral fellow in the fall of 2015. He received his PhD degree from Jilin University in Polymer Chemistry and Physics in 2014. Before joining Georgia Tech, he had a work experience at Peking University.

His research is focused on:

  1. Synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles mainly the quantum dots (such as carbon dots, Graphene nanoparticles, ZnS dots, Si dots, Fe3O4 etc.) and their applications in drug delivery, anti-fog coatings, optical, electrical, and magnetic devices
  2. Organic/inorganic hybrid materials: mainly embedding functional nanoparticles into polymer matrix to enhance or generate the properties (mainly the optical and electrical) of materials
  3. Synthesis of monomers with a high refractive index and fabrication of bulk optical resins with high refractive index, good transmittance, and excellent mechanical properties