Ji-Hwan Kang


Ji-Hwan Kang was born and grew up in Seoul, South Korea. He received a BS degree from Korea University and a MS degree from KAIST, both in Chemical Engineering. Prior to joining Georgia Tech, his research at KAIST related to the synthesis of monodisperse titania for highly reflective colloidal structures and the fabrication of 3D functional photonic crystals via holographic interference lithography. After graduation from KAIST, he worked as an assistant researcher for Sogang University where he focused on the application of nanostructured materials with hierarchical pores to dye-sensitized solar cells and fuel cells.

He joined the Reichmanis group as a PhD student in the fall of 2010. His interests relate to the chemistry of organic electronic/photonic materials and their structural properties for photovoltaic applications. His current research concerns photon energy upconversion in nonlinear optical organic systems.

Research Interests

TTA-assisted photon upconversion

Photon energy upconversion, which is a nonlinear process where shorter wavelength photons (higher energy emission) can be generated apropos incident light (lower energy absorption), is readily accomplished at an extremely low intensity of excitation via triplet-triplet annihilation (TTA). This low-threshold blue-shifting optical property may provide new opportunities to enhance the efficiencies of photosensitive devices by harnessing inferior solar photons.


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